New York, New York

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New York, NY

I’ve traveled to NYC several times these last few years. It’s almost become a second home for me. There are restaurants I’ve become accustomed to going to every time I’m in the city. Bars where I’m used to visiting with friends. Stores I’m always walking into to see what new gems I can find. However, no matter how many times I visit NYC, the city never ceases  to amaze me!  There is always something new to see, new to try, and new to taste.  It’s full of constant energy, focus, and creativity. I can’t help but to be inspired and rejuvenated every time I visit.

The same goes with  Liberty Fairs. The brands, the people, the community of Liberty Fairs are tremendously inspirational. The creativity and drive that everyone has at this show is contagious. Much like the city itself, Liberty Fairs left me motivated and excited for what’s to come!

There’s always a little disappointment when I leave New York City. Not so much that I am leaving, but the fact that there is still so much of the city that I have yet to appreciate. It was an honor and a privilege to be in New York and Liberty Fairs. If we weren’t able to meet up this time around, I’ll be back again soon. After all, it is my second home.

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